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Casino Fundraiser Party Casino Night Fundraiser

Whenever you're looking to organize a Casino Night Fundraiser, we have a very good idea to suggest to you.

Let us help you to maximize your revenues and minimize your expenses. Service available around Montréal, Laval, Quebec and Gatineau.

Why is that so ?  we provide the entry tickets for free, we provide the entertainment also for free and we also do not charge for The Prison, it's also free. We become a very good sponsor for your event.

If you really want to minimize your expenses, use volunteer dealers and we are going to teach them how to be good ones, and were are going to do this for fee because its included in our offer.

If it's quality you're looking for, you are at the right place. If we do it, mind as well do it professionnaly.

Casino Night Fundraiser Party:

Things you should Know

Here are the next most important things to know for your Fundraiser.

  1. Speaking about, Saturday is the perfect day for a Fundraiser
  2. more importantly, You need to form a team to sell your entry tickets
  3. You also need to form a second team to find sponsors, they're the ones paying for it
  4. to start with the prize wheel because it helps you gather more funds.

We have blackjack, poker, roulette, dice, in between and horse racing tables to offer you. The 3 most popular ones are Blackjack (the most played in the world), we also have poker and roulette tables.

Tables de jeux
Raise funds

The Casino tables you need:

you need to evaluate the number of guests you're gonna have for your Casino night fundraiser.

For example: let's say u want 150 guests to your event. then you would need 15 casino tables (1 table per 10 guests).

Each table cost you 100$ then 15 tables multiplied by 100$ gives you a total amount of 1500$

Thats we charge you for the event. Saying that, you need to find sponsors for at least this amout to break even. Don't forget you havent started to sell your entry tickets yet. If you aim at the general public, an entry ticket price around 20$ is perfect.

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Casino Night fundraiser party:

Our casino services are available in the Province of Quebec (Montreal, Laval, Laurentides, Estrie, Sherbrooke, Hull and 250 km around Montreal. As you can see we cover a lot of ground. You want your guests to have fun and raise funds at the same time, our organization is the key.

Our services are available 250km around Montréal. Casino in Laval, fundraiser in Sherbrooke, Home party on the south shore.